Germano Bianchi - INAF IRA-Bologna
Space debris situation and new approach for the monitoring of orbiting object within the European SST network
Eugene Churazov - Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
X-ray view of the Coma galaxy cluster with SRG/eROSITA
Darko Donevski - SISSA, Trieste
Knocking on the doors of dusty giants in the distant Universe
Maura Pilia - INAF/OA-Cagliari
Multiwavelength FRBs: Challenge Accepted!
Angela Iovino - OAB-INAF
The Plan for Positive Actions in INAF 2020-2022
Riccardo Smareglia - INAF-OATs
Quale roadmap per le infrastrutture informatiche dell’INAF ?
Marco Scodeggio - INAF-IASF Milano
The status of the Euclid mission
Gabriele Ponti - OA Brera Merate
The Galactic center chimneys: The base of the multiphase outflow of the Milky Way
Sebastian Heinz - University of Wisconsin-Madison
X-ray Dust Tomography: A New Frontier in Galactic Exploration
Esra Bulbul - MPE
First Results from eROSITA Observations of Galaxy Groups and Clusters
Marco Galliani & Marco Malaspina - INAF
Media Inaf e Ufficio stampa Inaf: a chi servono, come funzionano
Bianca Poggianti - OAPD
Cosmic jellyfish
Ciro Pinto - IASF Palermo
The fight between cooling and heating in galaxy clusters
Matteo Guainazzi - ESA
AGN Feedback in the Athena and XRISM era
Lorenzo Caccianiga - Universita' degli Studi di Milano
Astrophysics with ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Mario Pasquato - INAF/OAPD
Supervised and unsupervised machine learning for astronomy: some concrete examples
Corrado Perna - INAF - sede centrale
Roadshow Innovazione – Valorizzare la ricerca nell’Astrofisica globale del XXI secolo
Franco Vazza - Università di Bologna
The magnetic cosmic web
Roberto Soria - University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)
Ionized bubbles and kinetic power of ULXs
Volker Beckmann - CNRS
European Open Science Cloud: Opportunities and risks for your work
Arvind Parmar - ESA
ESA’s Science Programme – Present Accomplishments and Future Successes!
Luciano Rezzolla - Goethe University Frankfurt
The first image of a black hole
Laura Pentericci - OAR
The VANDELS survey: overview and first results
Daniel Wik - University of Utah
Stuck in the Weeds: Exploring the X-ray Universe with NuSTAR, the Hard Way
Daniele D'Agostino - CNR-IMATI Genova
eScience: new information technologies for research activities in Astronomy and Astrophysics
Gianluca Israel - Osservatorio di Roma
Taking the beat of the UNSEEN: a new Ultraluminous Neutron Star Extragalactic populatioN
Eleonora Villa - Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Science
The cosmological back reaction