30-10-2019  14:00
IASF - Meeting Room IV Floor
Volker Beckmann - CNRS

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an initiative of the European Commission with the vision to give all European researchers access to research data, e-infrastructures, and data handling services. This Open Science vision is simultaneously embedded in national initiatives by governments of the EU member states.  In this presentation I want to address a number of questions concerning the EOSC:- what is the objective of the EOSC and what are the challenges to reach its goals?- how far are we in Europe in implementing the EOSC vision?- what are the next funding opportunities?- how can you, as a researcher or engineer, benefit from the EOSC, and how can you participate?- if you haven’t yet come across the EOSC, why should you bother?

European Open Science Cloud: Opportunities and risks for your work
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