Group members: Patrizia Caraveo, Mauro Fiorini, Andrea Giuliani, Sandro Mereghetti, Francesco Perotti

IASF-Milano has been deeply involved in all the phases of the AGILE mission, from the proposal and design, to the construction, testing and calibration. During operations, still on-going, IASF-Milano is extremely active in the coordination and scientific exploitation of the gamma-ray data.

The AGILE Anti-coincidence System has been entirely designed, developed and tested in the IASF-Milano laboratory facilities

IASF Milano has designed and developed (and is maintaining) a large portion of the AGILE software, including the package for the Scientific Analysis (production of intensity and exposure maps, likelihood analysis, …) the Events Reconstruction software and the Simulator of the Data Handling Unit

IASF MIlano was deeply involved in both the pre-launch and the in-flight Calibrations, producing the instrument response files

IASF MIlano is responsible for the Galactic diffuse emission model used in the analysis of the AGILE data

IASF actively partecipates to the scientific exploitation of AGILE data, mainly focusing on the following topics :

SNRs and origin of Cosmic Rays (W28, W44, IC443)

Discovery of new Pulsars e PWNs

Quick-look and analysis of GRB signals in the GRID instrument (GRB 080514B, 090510, 100724B)

Quick-look and analysis of Blazar flares (S5 0716+714, 3C 345.3, 3C 279)

Monitoring of gamma-rays transients on the Galactic plane (1AGL J2022+4032, AGL2021+4029)

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