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Astro-Siesta are informal talks on various astrophysical/astronomical research projects, but different topics are also welcome!
Astro-Siesta are usually held by IASF staff members and last 20 min (30 min for “external” people), plus additional time for questions. It is recommended to include a brief general introduction on the topic for non-experts in the presentation.

The next astro-siesta are listed below. Astro-siesta are held in the IASF meeting room (Sala riunioni) on the fourth floor every other Thursdays (holidays permitting) at 2:30pm.

From September 2018: Adriana Gargiulo, Mariachiara Rossetti
January 2007 – June 2018: Adamantia Paizis, Mauro Fiorini, Andrea Giuliani

October 21, 2021Giorgio (Galanti)Axion-like particles and high energy astrophysics
November 4, 2021Marco (Fumana)SpectraPy: a python library for spectroscopic reduction. The case of 2D extraction.
November 18, 2021Marco (Bonici)Constraining the Dark Universe with the Void-Lensing Cross-Correlation
December 2, 2021Mari (Polletta)
What powers the most star-forming protocluster galaxies at cosmic noon?
December 16, 2021Patrizia (Caraveo)Saving the Starry Night
January 13, 2022Michela (Rigoselli)Pulsed thermal X-rays from highly-magnetized isolated neutron stars

The meetings have been suspended since January 2022, due to the unavailability of the meeting rooms due to the COVID emergency.


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