20-01-2021  14:30
IASF - Virtual room at this link https://meet.google.com/wwp-prxt-xdz
Gabriele Ponti - OA Brera Merate

Evidence has mounted over the past years that outflows of matter and energy from the core of our Milky Way have shaped the observed structure of the Galaxy on a variety of larger scales. Recently, XMM-Newton maps of the central few square degrees of the Galaxy have discovered two prominent X-ray structures extending hundreds of parsecs above and below the plane, which appear to connect the Galactic Centre region to the Fermi bubbles. We proposed that these structures, constitute exhaust channels through which energy and mass, injected by a quasi- continuous train of episodic events at the Galactic Centre, are transported from the central few parsecs to the base of the Fermi bubbles. Additionally, a few weeks ago, we reported the discovery of X-ray bubbles, the so called eROSITA bubbles, which suggest that the Galactic outflow has an energetics ten times larger than previously thought. I will review our current knowledge of the Galactic outflow and, in particular, its X-ray traces.

The Galactic center chimneys: The base of the multiphase outflow of the Milky Way
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