The main task of the Electronics Laboratory at IASF Milano is the design and development of electronic systems for astrophysical detectors in optical, UV and X-ray band.

The electronic boards are designed using CAD software (OrCAD), to create electrical schemes and the layout of the boards. The latter, depending on the complexity, can be built at IASF Milano or committed externally.

Example of the layout of a PCB designed at IASF Milano: the six layer, 25 x 76 mm board “SIRIO Controller”, for the test of Silicon Drift Detector connected to ASIC preamplifiers devloped for the RedSoX project.
“SIRIO Controller” board, front and rear.

A secondary activity at IASF Milano is the design and development of electronic systems and instrumentation for measuring physical parameters of astrophysical equipment, as mirrors for optical telescopes.

An experimental setup used to measure the condesatation of ambient water on a mirror of the ASTRI Telescope; the sesnors and the data logger used to record the ambient paramteres (wind speed and direction, rain, humidity and three temperatures) were designed and built by the Electronics Laboratory at IASF Milano.
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A portable data logger for the measuremment of up to four temperatures, designed and build by the Electronics Laboartory for Milano Brera Observatory (Merate).

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