Our group has been involved in a number of large surveys, and to facilitate the handling of these projects and the distribution of the data products that resulted from them we have developed over the years project management tools, data reduction pipelines, and database administration and browsing tools (see the Astronomical Software page).

For most of these projects we are also hosting here at IASF Milano the complete database that includes all the data products derived from the survey. Here is a list of these databases:

The VIPERS Database:
redshift measurements for approximately 90,000 galaxies, plus survey properties
and ancillary photometric data
Access the VIPERS Database
The VANDELS Database:
very deep spectroscopic data for approximately 1500 galaxies in the CANDELS fields,
plus ancillary photometric data
Access the VANDELS Database
The MASSIV Database:
IFU spectroscopic data for 84 star-forming galaxies drawn from the VVDS sample
in the redshift range 0.9 < z < 2.2
Access the MASSIV Database
The Chandra-SWIRE Survey Database:
a moderate-depth (70 ksec) contiguous 0.6 square degrees Chandra survey in the
Lockman Hole field of the SWIRE Survey
Access the Chandra-SWIRE Database
The XMM-LSS Database:
XMM-LSS is a wide-area XMM survey designed to study large-scale structure in the X-rays, precursor and now superseded by XXL
Access the XMM-LSS Database
The XXL Survey Database:
XXL is the largest XMM survey to date, covering two 25 square degrees patches in the sky,
designed to constrain the Dark Energy equation of state using clusters of galaxies
Access the XXL Database

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