25-05-2022  14:30
IASF - Seminario virtuale a questo link https://meet.google.com/wwp-prxt-xdz
Giustina Vietri - INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma

Ionized ultra-fast (∼0.1-0.3c) outflows (UFOs) are believed to play a major role in communicating the huge SMBH accretion luminosity to the gas reservoir in the host.
We are performing an investigation of such UFOs imprinting their broad absorption line (BAL) signatures in the UV band of luminous QSOs shining at Cosmic noon, finding them in ~1 out of 10 quasars.
BAL outflows originating from the inner regions around the black hole, providing us unparalleled insight in the structure of quasar central engines. Studying the variability of these BALs can help us to understand their structure, temporal evolution, and key physical properties. We have recently discovered a multi-component, UFO (0.12c-0.18c) BAL outflow in an ultra-luminous quasar at z~3.6, which exhibits complex variability in each component, with changes both in shape and strength, appearing and disappearing at different epochs. During the last observation, the entire BAL system disappeared.
The study of the evolution of the BAL features in this unique system gives us the opportunity of shedding light on the physical properties of the BAL UFO and the role of these ultra-fast UV outflows as a promising mechanism for feedback in luminous quasars.

Discovery of variable, multi-component UV ultra-fast outflow in a z=3.6 quasar
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