23-02-2022  14.30
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Adriana Gargiulo- Susanna Bisogni (INAF-IASF Milano)

We present SIPGI, a spectroscopic pipeline to reduce optical/near-infrared data from slit-based spectrographs. SIPGI is a complete spectroscopic data reduction environment retaining the high level of flexibility and accuracy typical of the standard “by-hand” reduction methods but with a significantly higher level of efficiency. This is obtained exploiting three main concepts: 𝑖) the instrument model (analytic description of the main calibration relations); 𝑖𝑖) a built-in data organizer to classify the data, together with a graphical interface; 𝑖𝑖𝑖) the design and flexibility of the reduction recipes: the number of tasks required to perform a complete reduction is minimized, preserving the possibility to verify the accuracy of the main stages of data-reduction process. 

The current version of SIPGI manages data from the MODS and LUCI spectrographs mounted at the Large Binocular Telescope with the idea to extend SIPGI to support other through-slit spectrographs. Meanwhile, to allow using the same approach based on the instrument model with other instruments, we have developed SpectraPy, a spectrograph independent Python library working on through-slit spectra. Nowadays, SpectraPy produces 2D wavelength calibrated spectra corrected by instrument distortions. 

SIPGI: an interactive pipeline for spectroscopic data reduction
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