13-04-2022  14.30
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Marika Giulietti - SISSA, Trieste

Modern co-evolutionary scenarios between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies predict that nuclear activity and star formation are strictly related and time-coordinate processes. Dusty star-forming galaxies (DSFGs) play a key role in the study of this interplay, as they constitute the bulk population at the peak of cosmic star formation.  Far-infrared (FIR)/sub-mm surveys proved to be an extraordinarily efficient tool to select samples of lensed DSFGs, which are ideal targets for follow-up observations aimed at studying, down to sub-kpc scales, the detailed properties of objects otherwise not exceptionally bright or peculiar. This, coupled with radio band observations, provides information on processes that govern the FIR-radio correlation (FIRRC), linked with the star-formation activity and the possible AGN presence.In this seminar I will present the FIRRC for a sample of high-redshift (1<z<4) dusty star-forming (candidate) strongly lensed galaxies selected in the FIR band from the Herschel-ATLAS fields.I will compare the results with what is observed in optical/radio selected lensed quasars found in the literature, providing an interpretation in the framework of an in-situ galaxy formation scenario.

The far-infrared/radio correlation for a sample of strongly lensed dusty star-forming galaxies detected by Herschel
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