16-06-2021  14:30
IASF - Virtual room at this link https://meet.google.com/wwp-prxt-xdz
Germano Bianchi - INAF IRA-Bologna

During recent years, space debris has arisen severe issues for space mission security, satellites protection, but also for re-entry of potentially dangerous tanks down to the Earth. In 2015, the European Commission, well aware of the topic criticality, took the commitment to implement an European network of sensors for surveillance and tracking of objects in Earth’s orbit by starting a dedicated SST (Space Surveillance and Tracking) framework program.
The at present space environment situation will be shown during the talk, as well as the technique for the monitoring of orbiting objects. The monitoring of space environment is necessary to prevent new collisions or to predict dangerous re-entry of large objects.
Regarding the Italian sensors, a new bi-static radar architecture will be presented, where the Medicina Northern Cross radiotelescope is the receiving part.

Space debris situation and new approach for the monitoring of orbiting object within the European SST network
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