General information
Access to the INAF-IASF Milan Institute library is free for all personnel belonging to the National Institute of Astrophysics, following some simple rules:

  • Everyone can borrow the volumes from the Library, marking Author, Title and Placement of the book on the specific logbook, in addition to the name of the borrower, so that the volume can be traced;
  • Once the consultation is finished, the book must be placed in its original position + indicate the return date in the aforementioned logbook, to show that the book is again available on the shelf;
  • Please, DO NOT take the library books out of the Institute, taking them home or loaning them to people not involved with INAF.

Please make the aforementioned rules known to your undergraduate/PhD/Post Docs students or guests.

Every year the institute receives funds to purchase new books; new subscriptions to journals in paper or electronic format can also be proposed for journals not already present in the INAF centralized list.

Requests for new books
Please consult the following list of books already present in the Library before asking for a new title; the list is sorted by author (latest arrivals are highlighted in yellow):

NB 1: The new acquired books are available in the stand at the left of the color printers, orderd by author.

NB 2: The volumes of the “Very Short Introduction” series are collected in a single shelf, sorted alphabetically according to their title. This shelf is positioned after the books with author’s name starting with “Z”. These volumes must be recorded in the library logbook on the last, dedicated page.

Paper magazines
The following journals are currently available in paper format at the INAF IASF Milan library:

  • Le Scienze (monthly, Espresso Editore), from January 2016.
  • Sky and Telescope (monthly, F + W Company), from January 2015.
  • Cosmo (monthly, BFC Space) from July 2020.
  • Sapere (bimonthly, Dedalo Edizioni), from september 2021.

The magazines are available at the stand near the coffee area (between rooms 20 and 21).

Online resources at INAF
In the following links you can access to the INAF online resources and to the INAF cultural heritage webpages.

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