Welcome to the Astro-Siesta page!

Astro-Siesta are informal talks on various astrophysical/astronomical research projects, but different topics are also welcome!
Astro-Siesta are usually held by IASF staff members and last 20 min (30 min for “external” people), plus additional time for questions. It is recommended to include a brief general introduction on the topic for non-experts in the presentation.

The next astro-siesta are listed below. Astro-siesta are held in the IASF meeting room (Sala riunioni) on the fourth floor every other Wednesday (holidays permitting) at 11:00am.

From September 2018: Adriana Gargiulo, Mariachiara Rossetti
January 2007 – June 2018: Adamantia Paizis, Mauro Fiorini, Andrea Giuliani

11 October 2023Martino (Marelli)XMM detection of the prompt emission of the BOAT GRB 221009A
7 November 2023Letizia (Cassarà)A virtual immersion in ENGAGE
22 November 2023Bianca (Garilli)Six years later: subjective retrospective
28 February 2024Mariachiara (Rossetti)Robust reconstruction of temperature profiles for CHEX-MATE galaxy clusters
6 March 2024Giulia CampitielloThe X-ray appearance of galaxy clusters – Properties, discontinuities and anomalies of the intracluster medium distribution
27 March 2024Patrizia (Caraveo)SN1987A in the JWST era 
3 April 2024Mario (Pasquato)Bringing causality to astronomy
24 April 2024Bianca (Garilli)L’Ultima Thule – Entering the Post-ELT Era: The Wide-field Spectroscopic Telescope
8 May 2024Andrea TavascioProbing the MQN01 Cosmic Structure: Unveiling the Densest Population of AGN through Chandra Observations


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