Welcome to the Astro-Siesta page!

Astro-Siesta are informal talks on various astrophysical/astronomical research projects, but different topics are also welcome!
Astro-Siesta are usually held by IASF staff members and last 20 min (30 min for “external” people), plus additional time for questions. It is recommended to include a brief general introduction on the topic for non-experts in the presentation.

The next astro-siesta are listed below. Astro-siesta are held in the IASF meeting room (Sala riunioni) on the fourth floor every other Thursdays (holidays permitting) at 2:30pm.

From September 2018: Adriana Gargiulo, Mariachiara Rossetti
January 2007 – June 2018: Adamantia Paizis, Mauro Fiorini, Andrea Giuliani

27 October 2022Giacomo (Riva)Measuring metal abundance in intermediate-temperature galaxy clusters
10 November 2022Manuela (Molina)INTEGRAL at 20: two decades of exploration of the high energy extragalactic sky
24 November 2022Shah (Varun)Asymmetries in surface thermal map of neutron stars
15 December 2022Stefano SandrelliThe scientific imagery between Dante and Calvino


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