Here you will find a list of science-related books,
movies, podcasts, etc, that we like. Stay tuned for more…


  • Apollo13
    Docudrama on the 1970 lunar mission Apollo 13.
    Based on the book “Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13” by Joames Lovell & Jeffrey Kluger
    Suggested by: Adamantia P.

  • Contact 
    The first contact between humans and aliens, within science, ethics and religion. Based on the science fiction novel with the same name by Carl Sagan.
    Suggested by: Michela R.

  • Hidden figures
    The true story of African American female scientists who worked at NASA, struggling against racism and sexism during the Space race. Based on a true story (“The right to count”, book by Margot Lee Shetterly).
    Suggested by: Michela R.

  • The Dish 
    The fictionalized (tragicomic) vicissitudes of the Parkes radio telescope (Australia) that in 1969 internationally broadcast the television images of the first landing on the Moon. Based on a true story.
    Suggested by: Adamantia P.

  • Interstellar 
    In a dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive, a group of astronauts travels in Space in search of a new home. With the scientific advice of the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne (Physics Nobel Prize, 2017).
    Suggested by: Michela R.


  • Very Short Introductions 
    Series of outreach books written by experts in the field.
    Language: English
    Suggested by: Lara S.

  • Ah saperlo! 
    Books of the scientific outreach series ‘Ah, Saperlo’ created by Anna Parisi – ed. Lapis – which trace the history of physics (and astronomy) from the Greeks to the twentieth century.
    Language: Italian
    Suggested by: Michela R.

  • The Martian 
    Science fiction novel by Andy Weir. 
    The amazing adventure of the astronaut Mark Watney, abandoned on the red planet by the crew during a violent sandstorm. 
    Language: English
    Suggested by: Michela R.



  • The creation of the world
    Markus Zohner meets internationally renowned researchers and engenders pleasant, interesting and informative interviews that range from the Big Bang to the human thought, from the first steps of man on Earth, to the conquest of Space. Project still evolving, with new meetings coming up on the RadioPetruska podcast.
    Language: Italian
    Suggested by: Adamantia P.

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