The “Enrico Fermi” 2021 Prize of the Italian Physical Society (Sif) has been awarded ex-aequo to two illustrious scientists: Elena Aprile from Columbia University in New York, and Patrizia Caraveo from the National Institute of Astrophysics, “for their important contributions to the observation of the Universe using different methods and techniques ”.

In particular:

  • to Elena Aprile, for her pioneering research on properties of liquid xenon for the detection of radiation and for her contribution to the search for the dark matter;
  • to Patrizia Caraveo, for her leader role in the field of the high-energy emission of neutron stars and for her contribution to the identification of Geminga.

Congratulations to Patrizia from all the IASF-Milan.

Further details available here:

“Enrico Fermi” 2021 Prize awarded to Patrizia Caraveo