Post-doc Research Fellowship
Deadline: 25-11-2019

Duration: 2 years, possibly extendable for one year

In the context of the PRIN-MIUR 2017 project “UnIAM (Unifying Isolated and Accreting Magnetars)” we offer a fellowship to carry out research activities in one or more of the following topics

  • Systematic spectral and variability analysis and interpretation of archival and proprietary X-ray data on different classes of neutron stars
  • Modelling of spin-period evolution and study of accretion properties of Ultra Luminous X-ray Pulsars
  • Search for magnetar-like manifestations in all classes of isolated and binary neutron stars
  • Characterisation of the thermal emission from radio pulsars and other isolated neutron stars

Further information and application rules can be found in the official announcement:

Study of isolated and binary neutron stars with strong magnetic field