27 Ottobre 2022 Giacomo (Riva) Measuring metal abundance in intermediate-temperature galaxy clusters
10 Novembre 2022Manuela (Molina)INTEGRAL at 20: two decades of exploration of the high energy extragalactic sky
24 Novembre 2022Shah (Varun)Asymmetries in surface thermal map of neutron stars
15 Dicembre 2022Stefano SandrelliL’immaginario scientifico fra Dante e Calvino
12 Gennaio 2023Marco (Bonici)Julia: a fresh approach to numerical computing
26 Gennaio 2023Davide (De Grandis)Is RX J1856.5-3754 the “most perfect” blackbody in the Galaxy?
9 Febbraio 2023Graziano (Chiaro)SETI within 30 pc from Earth. Will we communicate with other civilizations? Astrophysical constrains.
23 Febbraio 2023Marco (Balboni)A first look at the CHEXMATE-LOFAR spatially resolved studies in galaxy clusters
23 Marzo 2023Silvano (Molendi)Metal enrichment: the apex accretor perspective
6 Aprile 2023Davide BasilicoLooking at the Sun with solar neutrinos
13 Aprile 2023Mario (Belfiore) & Paolo (Franzetti)Werewolf – a small computing facility at IASF-MI
27 Aprile 2023Giustina (Vietri)Extremely high-velocity UV outflows in AGN: discovery, implications & perspectives
25 Maggio 2023Beatrice VaiaThe power of the rings 2: mapping the Galaxy with the brightest gamma-ray burst of all time

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