I'm an astrophysicist working atINAF-IASF Milano. My research focuses on X-ray and Gamma-ray binaries.
So, basically, I spend a lot of time investigating this:

The high energy sky

Complementary to pure research, I (have) invest(ed) part of my time in ground segment and/or operational activities for high energy missions such asINTEGRAL, and the less fortunateSimbol-X.

Last but not least come the efforts to diffuse knowledge, be it with outreach and formation activities or among colleagues (seminars).

SeeHERE for more on my CV and Research Activity.

... in the end, it all boils down to:

If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.
- Derek Bok

In knowledge, research, education resides our future: No Brain No Gain

Last update: September 2019

Research staff atINAF-IASF Milano
Via Alfonso Corti 12
I-20133 Milano Italy
Phone : +39-02-23699350
Fax : +39-02-2666017
E-mail: adamantia.paizis [at] inaf.it

Italy, my homeland

Greece, also my homeland

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