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Here it's a list of all the papers on astro-ph I found interesting, useful and worth downloading for reading.

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July 2019

10 July

Towards a characterization of X-ray galaxy clusters for cosmology
Kafer, Finoguenov et al.
The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Self-supervised Learning with Physics-aware Neural Networks I: Galaxy Model Fitting

May 2019

27 May

Multiwavelength cluster mass estimates and machine learning
Cohn, Battaglia
A Massive Cluster at z = 0.288 Caught in the Process of Formation: The Case of Abell 959
Birzan et al.
A novel method for component separation of extended sources in X-ray astronomy
Picquenot et al.
Faraday Rotation Measure Dependence on Galaxy Clusters Dynamics
Stasyszyn, de los Rios
Signatures of the non-Maxwellian κ-distributions in optically thin line spectra. II. Synthetic Fe XVII--XVIII X-ray coronal spectra and predictions for the Marshall Grazing-Incidence X-ray Spectrometer (MaGIXS)
Dudik et al.

24 May

Reconstructing Probability Distributions with Gaussian Processes
McClintock, Rozo
Physical Correlations of the Scatter between Galaxy Mass, Stellar Content, and Halo Mass
Bradshaw, Leauthaud et al.

22 May

Weak Lensing Measurement of Filamentary Structure with the SDSS BOSS and Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Data
Kondo et al.

21 May

Galaxy Zoo: Probabilistic Morphology through Bayesian CNNs and Active Learning
Walmsley et al.
Testing halo assembly bias using galaxy clusters
Sunayama, More
X-ray spectra of the Fe-L complex
Gu et al.
Pseudo Evolution of Galaxy-Cluster Masses and Its Impact on Mass Density Profile

17 May

How Do Galaxies trace a large scale structure?: A case study around a massive protocluster at z=3.13
Ke Shi et al.
Low X-Ray Luminosity Galaxy Clusters. IV. SDSS galaxy clusters at z < 0.2
O'Mill et al.

April 2019

29 April

A Radio Bursts Detection Method Based on Hough Transform
Zuo, Chen
A radio halo surrounding the Brightest Cluster Galaxy in RXCJ0232.2-4420: a mini-halo in transition ?
Kale et al.
Extended X-ray study of M49: the frontier of the Virgo Cluster
Yuanyuan Su et al.

26 April

The X-ray Halo Scaling Relations of Supermassive Black Holes
Gaspari et al.
An Introduction to Topological Data Analysis for Physicists: From LGM to FRBs
Murugan, Robertson

25 April

MIND THE GAP: The Too Big To Fail Problem Resolved
Ostriker et al.
TurbuStat: Turbulence Statistics in Python
Koch et al.
Correlations between supermassive black holes, hot atmospheres, and the total masses of early type galaxies
Lakhchaura, Truong, Werner

19 April

A merger shock in Abell 1367
C. Ge, M. Sun et al.

18 April

Cosmological constraints from Planck galaxy clusters with CMB lensing mass bias calibration
Zubledia, Challinor
Consistency of local and astrophysical tests of the stability of fundamental constants
Martins, Vila Minana
From the supernova to the supernova remnant: the three-dimensional imprint of a thermonuclear explosion
Ferrand et al.
Cosmic Ray Models
Kachelriess, Semikoz
The 3XMM/SDSS Stripe 82 Galaxy Cluster Survey II. X-ray and optical properties of the cluster sample
Takey et al.

17 April

Next generation cosmography with strong lensing and stellar dynamics
Yildirim, Suyu, Alkola
Machine Learning in Astronomy: a practical overview
Virgo: an unlikely cluster of galaxies because of its environment
Sorce et al.
Investigating the Stellar Mass Growth Histories of Satellite Galaxies as a Function of Infall Time using Phase-Space
Rory Smith et al.
The mass-richness relation of optically-selected clusters from weak gravitational lensing and abundance with Subaru HSC first-year data
Murata et al.
Evolution of the mass-richness relation for the redMaPPer catalog

16 April

A Bayesian Analysis of SDSS J0914+0853, a Low-Mass Dual AGN Candidate
Foord et al.
Astro2020 Science White Paper: A Unification of the Micro and Macro Physics in the Intracluster Medium of Nearby Clusters
Yuanyuan Su et al.
Cosmological constraints from the mass accretion rate I: galaxy cluster number count evolution

15 April

Achieving Transformative Understanding of Extreme Stellar Explosions with ELT-enabled Late-time Spectroscopy
Milisavljevic et al.
Explaining the enhanced star formation rate of Jellyfish galaxies in galaxy clusters
Safarzadeh, Loeb
Strong Lens Models for 37 Clusters of Galaxies from the SDSS Giant Arcs Survey
Sharon et al.
Interactions Between Radio Galaxies and Cluster Shocks - 1: Jet Axes Aligned with Shock Normals
Nolting et al.
Towards mapping turbulence in the intra-cluster medium -- I. Sample variance in spatially-resolved X-ray line diagnostics
Clerc et al.
Towards mapping the turbulence in the intra-cluster medium -- II. Measurement uncertainties in the estimation of structure functions
Cucchetti et al.

12 April

CIELO-RGS: a catalogue of soft X-ray ionized emission lines
Mao, Kaastra, Guainazzi et al.
Classifying the formation processes of S0 galaxies using Convolutional Neural Networks
Diaz, Bekki, Forbes et al.

10 April

Measuring the dark matter velocity anisotropy to the cluster edge
Svensmark, Hansen et al.
Astro2020 APT White Paper: "Mind the gap": a call to redesign astronomy graduate education

De Zotti et al.

09 April

Observational Constraints on the Feeding of Supermassive Black Holes
Storchi-Bergmann, Schnorr-Muller
Time dependent solar modulation of cosmic rays from solar minimum to solar maximum
Bin-bing Wang et al.
Constraining the Rotational Kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in Massive Galaxy Clusters
Baxter et al.

08 April

A Catalog of the Most Optically Luminous Galaxies at z<0.3: Super Spirals, Super Lenticulars, Super Post-Mergers, and Giant Ellipticals
Ogle et al.
Runaway Merger Shocks in Galaxy Cluster Outskirts and Radio Relics
C. Zhang et al.

March 2019

12 March

On the Origin of the Scatter in the Red Sequence: An Analysis of Four CLASH Clusters
Connor et al.
A Spectroscopic Census of X-ray Systems in the COSMOS Field
Sohn et al.
Testing the rotation versus merger scenario in the galaxy cluster Abell 2107
Liu, Tozzi
The Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite
Mushotzky et al.

11 March

Black hole mass and cluster mass correlation in cosmological hydro-dynamical simulations
Bassini et al.
Powerful AGN jets and unbalanced cooling in the hot atmosphere of IC 4296
Grossova et al.

01 March

The galaxy cluster mass scale and its impact on cosmological constraints from the cluster population
Pratt et al.
Galaxies and Cluster of Galaxies as Peak Patches of the Density Field
Fukugita, Boehringer
Measuring the Homogeneity of the Universe
Jimenez et al.

February 2019

28 February

The dichotomy of dark matter fraction and total mass density slope of galaxies over five dex in mass
Tortora et al.
The Role of Machine Learning in the Next Decade of Cosmology
Ntampaka et al.

27 February

Magnetic fields and extraordinarily bright radio emission in the X-ray faint galaxy group MRC 0116+111
Mernier et al.
Highly Magnified Stars in Lensing Clusters: New Evidence in a Galaxy Lensed by MACS J0416.1-2403
Kaurov et al.
Tests of Gravity with Galaxy Clusters
Cataneo, Rapetti

26 February

A `Numbers' Approach to Astronomical Correlations I: Introduction and Application to galaxy Scaling Relations
Henriksen, Irwin
Bayesian discrimination of the panchromatic spectral energy distribution modelings of galaxies
Yunkun Han et al.
A unified perspective on modified Poisson likelihoods for limited Monte Carlo data
Ubiquitous cold and massive filaments in cool core clusters
Olivares, Salome et al.

21 February

A multifiltering study of turbulence in a large sample of simulated galaxy clusters
The Y_SZ - Y_X scaling relations and its difference between cool-core and non-cool-core clusters
Yue Zhu et al.
Suzaku detection of enigmatic geocoronal solar wind charge exchange event associated with coronal mass ejection
Ishi et al.
On the origin of central abundance drops in the intracluster medium of galaxy groups and clusters
Ang Liu et al.

20 February

Forecasting Angular Cross Correlations Between Diffuse X-ray Emission and the Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effec
Lakey, Huffenberger

19 February

A Robust and Efficient Deep Learning Method for Dynamical Mass Measurements of Galaxy Clusters
M. Ho et al.

13 February

Test of Einstein equivalence principle near the Galactic center supermassive black hole
GRAVITY collaboration

12 February

A universal constant for dark matter-baryon interplay
Man Ho Chan
Searching for cool and cooling X-ray emitting gas in 45 galaxy clusters and groups
Haonan Liu, Pinto et al.

11 February

Quenching low-mass satellite galaxies: evidence for a threshold ICM density
Roberts et al.
Catching Element Formation In The Act
Freyer et al.
The Extremely High Dark Matter Halo Concentration of the Relic Compact Elliptical Galaxy Mrk 1216
Buote, Barth
Role of intracluster supernovae in radio mini-halos in galaxy clusters
A. Omar
Baryon acoustic oscillation, Hubble parameter, and angular size measurement constraints on the Hubble constant, dark energy dynamics, and spatial curvature
Ryan, Chen, Ratra

04 February

Constraining Gas Motions in the Intra-Cluster Medium
Simionescu et al.
Evidence for a merger induced shock wave in ZwCl 0008.8+5215 with Chandra and Suzaku
Di Gennaro et al.
Shocks and non-thermal particles in clusters of galaxies
Bykov et al.

01 February

AGN jet feedback on a moving mesh: lobe energetics and X-ray properties in a realistic cluster environment
Bourne et al.
Probing dark matter structure down to 10e7 solar masses: flux ratio statistics in gravitational lenses with line of sight halos
Gilman et al.
Probing Galactic Halos with Fast Radio Bursts
Prochaska, Zeng
The First Galaxy Cluster Discovered by the VISTA Variables in the Vì a Làctea Survey
Baravalle et al.
Sloshing of Galaxy Cluster Core Plasma in the Presence of Self-Interacting Dark Matter
ZuHone et al.
LoCuSS: Scaling relations between galaxy cluster mass, gas, and stellar content
Mulroy et al.

January 2019

31 January

The Fate of AGB Wind in Massive Galaxies and the ICM
Li, Bryan et al.
Coping with Selection Effects: A Primer on Regression with Truncated Data
Detection of non-thermal hard X-ray emission from the "Fermi bubble" in an external galaxy
Tao-Li et al.
Effects of Massive Neutrinos and Dynamical Dark Energy on the Cluster Mass Function
Biswas et al.
The Early Generations of Rotating Massive Stars and the Origin of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars
Choplin, PHD thesis
Active Galactic Nuclei and their Large-scale Structure: an eROSITA mock catalogue
Comparat et al.
Galaxy clusters and a possible variation of fine structure constant
Colacco et al.

30 January

Sunyaev--Zel'dovich profile fitting with joint AMI-Planck analysis
Perrot et al.
Collisionless shock heating of heavy ions in SN 1987A
Miceli et al.

29 January

What the sudden death of solar cycles can tell us about the nature of the solar interior
McIntosh et al.
Substructures in galaxy clusters: a comparative X-ray and photometric analysis of the REXCESS sample
Evolution of superclusters in the cosmic web
Einasto, J. et al.
The Stormy Life of Galaxy Clusters

23 January

A general framework to test gravity using galaxy clusters II: A universal model for the halo concentration in f(R) gravity
Mitchell et al.
Structural and dynamical modeling of WINGS clusters. II. The orbital anisotropies of elliptical, spiral and lenticular galaxies
Mamon et al.
Cosmic Pathways for Compact Groups in the Milli-Millennium Simulation
Tzanavaris et al.
Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Calibration of Cluster Mis-centering in the redMaPPer Catalogs
Y. Zhang, Jeltema et al.

22 January

The Three Hundred Project: Ram pressure and gas content of haloes and subhaloes in the phase-space plane
Arthur et al.
Pushing the Technical Frontier: From Overwhelmingly Large Data Sets to Machine Learning

18 January

Radio Galaxy Zoo: The Distortion of Radio Galaxies by Galaxy Clusters
Garon, Rudnick et al.
Testing Emergent Gravity on Galaxy Cluster Scales
Tamosiunas et al.

17 January

On the tension between Large Scale Structures and Cosmic Microwave Background
Douspis, Salvati, Aghanim
Halo Concentrations and the New Baseline X-ray Luminosity-Temperature and Mass Relations of Galaxy Clusters
Fujita, Aung

16 January

Diffuse Radio Emission from Galaxy Clusters
van Weeren et al.
astroquery: An Astronomical Web-Querying Package in Python
Ginsburg et al.
Impact of ICM disturbances on the mean pressure profile of galaxy clusters: a prospective study of the NIKA2 SZ large program with MUSIC synthetic clusters
Ruppin et al.
Turbulence decay in the density-stratified intracluster medium
Shi, Zang
On the Bimodal Spin Period Distribution of Be/X-ray Pulsars
Xu, Li

15 January

Impact of Neutrino Properties and Dark Matter on the Primordial Lithium Production
Makki et al.
Physical properties of the X-ray gas as a dynamical diagnosis for galaxy clusters
Lagana et al.
Exploring the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors to neutron star physics
Martinov et al.
How the Coherent Tides Obstruct the Radial Infalls of Satellite Galaxies onto the Clusters

14 January

MUSE sneaks a peek at extreme ram-pressure stripping events - IV. Hydrodynamic and gravitational interactions in the Blue Infalling Group
Fossati et al.
Disruption of satellite galaxies in simulated groups and clusters: the roles of accretion time, baryons, and pre-processing
Bahe, Schaye et al.
First-principles demonstration of diffusive particle acceleration in kinetic simulations of relativistic plasma turbulence
Wong, K. et al.
Merging cold front and AGN feedback in the peculiar galaxy cluster Abell 2626
Kadam, Sonali K. et al.

11 January

Mass bias evolution in tSZ cluster cosmology
Salvati et al.

09 January

Dark Matter Response to Galaxy Assembly History
Artale et al.
Cosmology with kSZ: breaking the optical depth degeneracy with Fast Radio Bursts
Madhavacheril, Battaglia, et al.

07 January

ComPRASS: a Combined Planck-RASS catalogue of X-ray-SZ clusters
Tarrio, Melin, Arnaud