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Welcome to my home page. I'm an astrophycisist currently working at the INAF-IASF Milan.

I received my PHD in January 2004 at the University of Milan Bicocca. I worked as a post-doc from 2004 to 2007 at the University of California Irvine, University of Bologna and IASF. I'm since January 2012 Italian Project Manager of the EPIC Instrument on board XMM-Newton.

Composite XMM X-ray/CFTHLS optical image of the Bullet Group

About My Research

I'm an observer interested in the physics of clusters and group of galaxies as inferred mainly by X-ray observations but also from observations at other wavelengths like optical and radio. I work in particular on AGN feedback in cool cores, metal abundances in the intra-cluster and intra-group medium and the characterization of the dynamical state of a system.

Galaxy clusters are also important cosmological tools, provided we are able to measure their masses. This measure can be done in many different ways like for example using their X-ray emission, gravitational lensing or the dynamics of their member galaxies.

Latest Projects

A selection of the latest projects I'm currently working on:

  • Analysis of the Chandra observation of A 1703
  • Analysis of the NuSTAR mosaic of the Coma cluster

Latest News

  • Release of the first series of XXL papers (see the special A&A number) featuring in various press releases (Media INAF, ESO)
  • XMM observations of a sample of X-ray "dark" Planck clusters (PI Rossetti, 75 ks) and of a peculiar cool core cluster, A1142 (PI Su, 186 ks) awarded in AO15
  • Paper about the dynamical state of Planck SZ clusters using X-ray peak-BCG offset submitted to MNRAS (see astroph)

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