SWIRE Template Library

The SWIRE template library contains 25 templates including 3 ellipticals, 7 spirals, 6 starbursts, 7 AGNs (3 type 1 AGNs, 4 type 2 AGNs), and 2 composite (starburst+AGN) templates covering the wavelength range between 1000 Angstrom and 1000 micron. The elliptical, spiral and starburst templates, were generated with the GRASIL code (Silva et al. 1998). The 7 spirals range from early to late types (S0-Sdm), the starburst templates correspond to the SEDs of NGC 6090, NGC 6240, M 82, Arp 220, IRAS 22491-1808, and IRAS 20551-4250.  In all of the spirals and starburst templates the spectral region between 5 and 12 micron, where many broad emission and absorption features are observed, was replaced using observed IR spectra from the PHT-S spectrometer on the Infrared space Observatory and from IRS on Spitzer.

Templates of moderately luminous AGN, representing Seyfert 1.8 and Seyfert 2 galaxies, were obtained by combining models, broad-band photometric data (NED), and ISO-PHT-S spectra (Schulz, private communication) of a random sample of 28 Seyfert galaxies. The other six AGN templates include three templates representing optically-selected QSOs with different values of infrared/optical flux ratios (QSO1, TQSO1, and BQSO1) and two type 2 QSOs (QSO2 and Torus). The QSO1 templates are derived by combining the SDSS quasar composite spectrum and rest-frame infrared data of a sample of 35 SDSS/SWIRE type 1 QSOs (Hatziminaoglou et al. 2005). After normalizing each SED in the optical, we derived three templates with the same optical spectrum but three different IR SEDs. The QSO1 IR template was obtained from the average fluxes of all the measurements regrouped in wavelength bins, the TQSO1 IR template was obtained from the highest 25% measurements per bin, and the BQSO1 IR template was obtained from the lowest 25% measurements per bin. The type 2 QSO template (QSO2) was obtained by combining the observed optical/near-IR spectrum of the red quasar FIRST J013435.7-093102 (Gregg et al. 2002) and the rest-frame IR data from the quasars in the Palomar-Green sample with consistent optical SEDs. The other type 2 QSO template (Torus) corresponds to the model used to fit the SED of a heavily obscured type 2 QSO, SWIRE_J104409.95+585224.8 (Polletta et al. 2006).

The composite (AGN+SB) templates are empirical templates created to fit the SEDs of the following objects: the heavily obscured BAL QSO Mrk 231 (Berta 2005, Ph.D. Thesis), the Seyfert 2 galaxy IRAS 19254-7245 South (Berta et al. 2003). These objects contain a powerful starburst component, mainly responsible for their large infrared luminosities and an AGN component that contributes to the mid-IR luminosities.

The SWIRE template library has been used in the following works: Polletta et al. 2007,  Tajer et al. A&A, Siana et al. 2007,  Polletta et al. 2006, Weedman et al. 2006, Davoodi et al. 2006a, 2006b, Hatziminaoglou et al. 2005, Jarrett et al. 2004, Franceschini et al. 2005, Lonsdale et al. 2004.

For each template a file with 2 columns is given (1st col.: wavelength in Angstrom, 2nd col: normalized at 5500 Angstrom Flambda in erg cm-2 s-1 A-1). The wavelength range and number of points are not fixed.


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Template Spectral Type
Ell2 Ell (t= 2 Gyr)
Ell5 Ell (t= 5 Gyr) 
Ell13 Ell (t=13 Gyr) 
S0 Spiral 0
Sa  Spiral a
Sb Spiral b
Sc  Spiral c
Sd Spiral d
Sdm Spiral dm
Spiral c
NGC6090 Starburst
M82 Starburst
Arp220  Starburst/ULIRG
IRAS 20551-4250 Starburst/ULIRG
IRAS 22491-1808 Starburst/ULIRG
NGC 6240 Starburst/Sey2
Sey2  Seyfert 2 
Sey1.8 Seyfert 1.8
IRAS19254-7245 South  Seyfert 2+Starburst/ULIRG
Type 2 QSO
Type 2 QSO
Mrk231  Seyfert 1, BAL QSO  & Starburst/ULIRG 
QSO1 Type-1 QSO
BQSO1 Type-1 QSO
TQSO1 Type-1 QSO
Download fluxes (microJy) and mags (Vega) versus redshift (0-4)  for each template normalized at L(IR) = 1012 Lsun  in the following filters: Acknowledgement

If you use the SWIRE library in your research, please refer to Polletta et al. 2007, ApJ, 663, 81

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 Last update : January 22, 2006