TeV Spectra of Galactic sources

Last update : February 9th, 2017


A. Belfiore, G. Buono, S. Crestan, A. De Luca, A. Giuliani, N. La Palombara, S.Mereghetti, A. Paizis, F. Pintore, L.Sidoli, A. Tiengo

INAF - IASF Milano

This web page is intended as a starting point for source simulations and, more in general, as a contribution to build an overall awareness of the Galactic Very High Energy sky, in view of the forthcoming CTA observatory.
We have searched the literature for the VHE spectra and modelisation of the sources in the TeVCat. The results for Southern Galactic sources are given here, while those for the TeV emitting gamma-ray binaries are in a dedicated page.
The results are stored in FITS and PNG files.

  • The FITS FILES contain several extensions:
    • DATA: spectral data points as taken from published papers (HESS_, MAGIC_, VERITAS_, FERMI_, etc)
    • MODEL: models to fit the above data as taken from published papers (MODEL_HESS, MODEL_MAGIC, etc)
    • MAP: point source or diffuse emission map.
    The "PAPER" keyword in the DATA and MODEL extensions, indicates the reference paper(s) used. The FITS files can be downloaded as single source files from the "Fits Data File" column in the tables below, or as a complete tar file.
  • The PNG PLOTS visualize the FITS FILES (with DATA and MODELS) and can be downloaded as single source files from the "Plot" column in the tables below.
A summary index file of all the sources is also available as html or fits.
For comments, requests and feedback, please e-mail Andrea Giuliani

Scutum Arm

Galactic Center

3-kpc Arm

Crux Arm

Carina Arm

Vela Arm