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Jobs in detail


Assegno di ricerca / fellowship MOONS spectrograph software


Development of the Observation Preparation Software for the MOONS spectrograph

Si annuncia una selezione per titoli ed eventuale colloquio per il conferimento di un assegno di ricerca dal titolo Sviluppo del software per la preparazione delle osservazioni dello spettrografo MOONS@VLT

We announce the opening of a job selection for a 1-year fellowship titled Development of the Observation Preparation Software for the VLT MOONS spectrograph

MOONS ( is a Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the Very Large Telescope (VLT) being built by a european+Chile consortium. Within the consortium, IASF-Milano is responsible for providing the Observation Preparation Software (OPS), which will take care of helping the astronomer in allocating targets to fibers, maximizing the observing efficiency.

The appointed person will have as main duty the development of OPS, and in particular the Graphical User Interface. S/He will be also invited  to participate to the design of the surveys to be carried out using the MOONS guaranteed time, as well as to all other projects in which IASF Milano  is involved.

download PDFDD036-18_Bando_assegno_di_ricerca_moons

download PDFINGLESE_Bando_assegno_di_ricerca_moons

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download DOCXALLEGATI_1e2


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