We have(n't) moved

IASF Milano is still in the same place in the building, but, effective 12 Oct 2015, our entrance (effective 1 Jan 2019 also for official postal address) has moved from via Bassini 15 to via Corti 12.

Bassini e Corti ...

... ma non Piccoli, Storti, Malfatti e Malvestiti

In our reception there are two shelves with keys, labelled "Bassini" and "Corti". They refer to the two buildings facing via Bassini and via Corti, but it looks a pun, since "bassini" means "little and low" (not tall), while "corti" means "short" (not long). It reminds us of a pun about some politician surnames, Piccoli, Storti, Malfatti e Malvestiti (small, crooked, poorly made and poorly dressed).

The new entrance and reception will be on via Corti 12, in the new building on the back of CNR premises. Enter in the yard, and cross it (red path in picture below; the actual path may vary according to construction works) until you reach the older building (where IASF is still located unchanged at the 4th floor) which can be entered through one of the back doors (for those who have already been here, those used to exit to the canteen). Currently of the three lifts only one (green circle) has access from the yard, the other two (red circles) can be used only to move among the different storeys of the building. This arrangement may vary according to the needs of construction works. Currently you will be entering IASF at the westernmost end of the corridor.
The via Corti 12 entrance can be reached from M2 Lambrate (map) turning right at the end of via Grossich (near the baker shop), or from M2 Piola (map) exiting on via Pacini and from the traffic light following via Zanoia near the swimming pool, then crossing via Ponzio. From the old entrance in via Bassini, or the tram and trolleybus stops located there, just turn around the block with the nunnery and church (via Bassini, via Ponzio and via Corti).