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LBT Spectroscopic Reduction Center

Group members: Bianca Garilli, Letizia Cassara', Marco Fumana, Adriana Gargiulo, Marco Scodeggio

The LBT Spectroscopic Reduction Center provides the Italian community with a service of data reduction obtained with the LBT instruments MODS and LUCI All the LBT italian observations carried out with one of these two instrument are routinely reduced and fully calibrated 1D extracted spectra are distributed to the proposal PI through the dedicated web site. For the more challenging observations, PIs not only can, but are invited to interact personally with the Team members in order to obtain the best possible reduced scientific data needed for their studies. Normally, data are fully reduced within one month from observations, unless special requests are made

The reduction pipeline builds upon the VIMOS experience, adding to it only the tasks required by these specific instrument: this is especially true especially for LUCI, where dedicated sky subtraction algorithms have been implemented to handle this particularly delicate reduction step. The full pipeline makes use of the FASE environment and of the Easylife system developed for VIPERS (see Astronomical Software)

The IASF group, and in particular A. Gargiulo, also participates to the observation campaigns, which at LBT are routinely carried out in service mode

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