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Group members: Patrizia Caraveo, Andrea De Luca, Andrew Chen, Martino Marelli, Angelica Sartori, David Salvetti

The Fermi satellite, formerly known as GLAST, is a large NASA mission for γ-ray astronomy, with an important Italian participation. The mission has been launched in June 2008. IASF Milano is part of the collaboration responsible of the LAT (Large Area Telescope). Since Aug. 2008 Fermi satellite has been operating in scanning mode, covering the entire sky every two orbits, i.e. about every 3 hours.

All the Fermi data are immediately made public through the NASA web site. IASF Milano is playing an important role in the development of the tool aimed at the statistical classification of unidentified sources. Moreover, we coordinate the X-ray coverage of radio quiet neutron stars as well as of all unidentified sources classified as probable neutron stars.

IASF Milano is also leading the Fermi Public Outreach effort in Italy through the Istitute web site as well as through the Fermi Sky APP. P. Caraveo coordinates an ASI contract devoted to the maximization of the scientific return of the LAT mission wrt the Italian community.