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Observational cosmology, surveys

Public pages

VVDS vvds project

VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey


COSMOS cosmos project

Cosmic Evolution Survey (HST Treasury Project and associated multiwavelength data)


zCOSMOS zcosmos project

the redshift survey in the COSMOS field


VIPERS vipers project

VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey


VUDS vuds project

VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey


CLASH-VLT clash project

Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble


MASSIV massiv project

Mass Assembly Survey with SINFONI in VVDS


SWIRE swire project

Spitzer Wide-area Infra Red Extragalactic Survey


Euclid euclid project

ESA Dark Energy mission



Large Scale Structure through X-ray clusters


XXLxxl logo

The ultimate XMM extragalactic survey



Restricted access pages

XMM-LSS Master Catalogue

XMM-LSS catalogue info site


XMM-LSS database

XMM-LSS catalogue site


XXL database

XXL catalogue site